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Character discussion: Sam Roth

(bigger size HERE | fanart by chelsea--bee)

Lets discuss the awesomeness that is Sam Roth.

What do you love about him? Is there anything you don't like about him?
Any favorite quotes or lyrics? :)
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I'm so bad at these, because I have issues with remembering key stuff about characters lol

I love that he was watching Grace from afar for all those years (and we knew he was already in love with her), I love that support and love he shows Grace and Beck, and I love his passion for music and how he writes down how he feels and puts it to lyrics.

I guess I find Sam when you compare him to other protagonists/love interests in other series a bit weak, I don't think he would be my first choice when picking a favorite (Edward in Twilight number 1 and Daniel in Fallen number 2).
IA. I love all that about Sam as well. He's such a sweet, gentle, and loving guy. If only I had someone like him who'd write me love songs too! lol /sigh

You mean like he's not as agressive or intense as other YA male characters? That's true, but idk ... I like that Sam is different and not a "bad boy" type. And I could never see him as weak ... I have this same issue when people say characters like Bella or Elena are weak compared to girls like Buffy or Hermione. Idk but sweet and nonagressive doesn't equal weak to me. The thing about Sam is that he's very human- even when he's a wolf, you know. He's never enjoyed hurting anyone, he doesn't like confrontation ... but he'll fight if has to, imo. He kinda reminds me of Carlisle Cullen actually (who I also love); a very gentle person dispite what he is and has gone through.

Anyway ... lol sorry, I just really love Sam! :P But I agree, if I had to choose a favorite book!edward would always be it :)