Jess (hazy_crazy) wrote in sam_grace,

Sam & Grace photo manip

Hi all, I thought I would post this manip that I made a couple of weeks ago. It's not exactly a PROPER manip of them both, but it was just me changing the eye colour etc of two actors I think fit the looks of Sam & Grace perfectly.

My Sam: Chris Massoglia
My Grace: Britt Robertson

I had to give Chris yellow eyes (that didn't look too weird!) and Britt brown eyes, as she's got naturally blue ones.

It's nothing too special XD

I've got the original (and larger) edited images uploaded separately, if anyone wants to use them *shrug*

Hope you like! :)

Oh, I've also been approved to make the Sam/Grace fanlisting!! When I've finished it, I'll put the link here and then if you want, you can join :D
Tags: fanart: manips
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